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Friday, January 26, 2007

weird times six~

i've been tagged by the queen for a day- see link to the right- not sure how much of this weirdness i want to put out there for all the world to see- but here are some of the more tame weird things
1. i have very odd toes. not just ugly, but as my mother would say, "we can tell you were descended from the apes." i have a very large space in between my big toe and my second toe, i am double jointed in my big toes and can flip matchbooks off my big toes (this could be a really great stupid human trick), all of my toes bend backwards and touch the top of my foot and if that isn't gross enough, i can put my baby toe on top of my fourth toe just by thinking about it-
2. i love tote bags and shopping bags and purses. i must have 100 of them and i can't stop buying them. (actually, ditto for office supplies, crafting stuff, jewelry, books...)
3. i have been told that this is weird- but to me cottage cheese, ketchup and corn mixed together are divine.
4. i used to HATE cats. absolutely HATE-now i let my own cat sleep in my personal space in the bed while my legs are all folded and crippled up so that i don't waken the little darling from his slumber.
5. when i was in 6th or 7th grade i was a nixon girl at a republican rally. the father of one of my friends was a big republican back then and he asked molly to round up some pals to greet the candidate-i actually bumped right into tricky dick while he was coming down the aisle of the convention center.
6. i love people magazine and sappy movies. just pop in a tom hanks and meg ryan-anything with a happy ending video and i am in heaven- throw in a people mag to read while the movie is playing (no need to pay attention, since i've already seen them all about 25 times) and that would be utter heaven.
angelica, how about you?


At 5:56 AM, Anonymous angelicassecrets said...

girl, I don't know I would have to think about this.... And by the way happy BIRTHDAY. Hope you have a wonderful day today.... Wishing you the best and I need to get to the mailbox to mail your prezie so it will be with you soon. I am a terrible procrastinator when it comes to mail.... YIKES, but I love ya and I hope you have a wonderful day today.......

At 1:16 PM, Blogger David said...

Oh my God.....
You can flex the toes behind at 180 degress?? You can touch the toenails with the upper part of the same feet?? I don't believe!!
Can I have a photo?? This crazy thing is my secret dream, and I haven't found it in my life.
Can you post a photo of this weird thing at this address??
David, from Italy

PS: escuse my bad english...


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